Sommer-Savex A/S has sole representation in Denmark of ALPI veneer products

ALPI S.P.A is a specialist in the production of sliced veneer. Wood which has been produced in nature is thus, so to say, produced one more time? Light wood with large surfaces undergoes different manufacturing processes to remove deformations, knots and non-uniformities in terms of colour. By dyeing, shaping and gluing the wood, a new solid block is created, from which the quality product ALPILIGNUM is produced. The veneer is not only produced as a copy of natural wood, but also as root veneer, bird’s eye veneer and featuring various imaginative structures.

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ALPILIGNUM veneer in production

Flawless large formats and edge banding veneer in rolls generally ensure a considerably lower degree of waste than "ordinary" veneer. Apart from structure and colour, ALPILIGNUM veneer is processed according to the same production techniques and machinery as all other veneer.

ALPILIGNUM veneer is a modern material that enables design and structures to be produced that have not previously been possible. From a completion perspective, veneer is simply unrivalled. You do not have to worry about colour variations from one delivery to the next. Once you have settled on a particular item, colour and structure will be identical, no matter when delivery takes place.


Lengths: 220-250-280-310-340 cm

Widths: approx. 65 cm (up to 100 cm)

Thicknesses: Standard 0.55/0.60 mm (from 0.3-3.0 mm.) 

APILIGNUM veneer can be further processed into a wide range of products:

APILIGNUM veneer can be further
processed into a wide range of products

/fantasy structures

– Veneer in door format

– Straight-striped in different colour combinations

- Peeled, solid-coloured veneer

– Veneer with reinforced back

– High-pressure laminate with veneer

– Laminate for heavy-duty bends

– Tiled veneer

– Edge banding veneer in rolls

– Edging for intarsia

– “Solid wood”