Sommer-Savex A/S is a reputable business partner which for many years has delivered hardwood and veneer to a large number of customers in Denmark and abroad. 

Not only do we deliver standard products of hardwood, laminated wood, veneer panels and wood veneer, we are specialists in the delivery of customised hardwood elements, laminated wood and veneer panels, in addition to stocking of these products for our customers. Our competences are based on extensive experience of wood species, hardwood, veneer and logistics.

Hardwood elements

  • Curved and specially cut hardwood elements
  • Raw and finished steam-bent elements
  • Turned, planed and edge-sawn elements
  • CNC-machined hardwood and laminated wood

Laminated wood

  • Full or finger-jointed staves
  • Standard or bespoke dimensions
  • CNC-machined or not

Veneer products

  • Veneer fronts or sides with edge banding or solid lipping
  • Peeled veneer in fixed dimensions
  • Sliced veneer in fixed dimensions
  • Veneer edge banding

ALPI veneer

  • Sommer-Savex is the sole distributor in Denmark

We understand the everyday business of our customers, and, since we only deal with the industry, we focus on being able to offer continuous delivery in accordance with just-in-time principles.

Through carefully targeted efforts, we have accumulated a combination of broad-based and specialised knowhow, which has resulted in an extensive and loyal clientele. We are therefore a professional and credible business partner with specialist knowledge within all our product groups.